How do I start?

Call our office at (973) 520-8899 or send an email to and ask to set up an appointment for an initial assessment. 

On the day of your first appointment we will discuss your state of health and what your goals are for treatment.  We will do a comprehensive physical assessment using various forms of acupuncture meridian analysis, pressure point reflex testing, and other traditional methods.  All of our assessment methods are non-invasive, safe and painless.

After the assessment we will tell you the following:

1. Whether or not we can help you.  Honesty comes first.  If we don’t feel that our healing methods are appropriate for your condition, we will tell you upfront…and try to recommend a more appropriate place for you to receive care.

2. If we do think we can help you, we will tell you how long it will take for you to expect to see dramatic improvements in your health.  For example a person may come with a chronic illness of 10 years duration, we may tell him (depending on what we find during the assessment) that it will take three months of care to feel 50% better.

3. We will also tell you what we expect of you as a patient.  This will usually involve taking certain nutritional supplements that we feel will help your recovery, as well as making dietary changes such as reducing grains and sugar.  Almost all of the nutritional and herbal supplements we use come from Standard Process.  You can view their website at

4. After this, you are encouraged to ask questions about your care and to “sleep on it” to decide if NIM is right for you.

5. If you do decide to be treated at NIM, on your next visit we will begin the acupuncture sessions and move you on the road back to health and vitality.

Please note: We do not treat people on the initial visit, as it is a comprehensive assessment only.  We realize that acupuncture may not be appropriate for some people and we are more than happy to recommend someone who can help you if we cannot. Our acupuncture treatments can affect change in people at a deep level and create a lasting healing effect.  It is because of this that we often want patients to prepare for their first acupuncture session after their initial assessment. This may be by doing some lifestyle modifications and taking certain supplements for a few days before their first actual treatment session.

For follow-up visits, we usually see patients once per week.  Some severe conditions may require twice per week in the initial stages, but we will let you know what would be best for you.

Office visits range anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on the complexity of the case.  We are usually on time and will not keep you sitting in a waiting room.