Nutritional Healing

Eating naturally grown whole foods is the oldest form of medicine…and still one of the most effective even for modern health problems. Every school of natural healing that we’ve studied, from Naturopathy to Ayurveda to Chinese Medicine, emphasizes proper nutrition as being vital to healing.

You can take the best medicines, the best herbs, and have the best acupuncture treatments. However, if you are living on a diet of dead, processed, and nutritionally empty foods…you will never reach a state of optimum health.

That’s why all of our patients are given a nutritional evaluation to make sure that at the very least, their diet is not what’s responsible for making them feel ill.

“Are herbs food?  Or are foods herbs?”

Many common foods are often used as medicinal agents.  Celery and dandelion are used to detoxify the kidneys, beets are used to strengthen the liver, buckwheat is excellent at strengthening blood vessels.  Additionally, many herbs such as Ginkgo and Echinacea have outstanding nutritional value as foods.  While the best approach is to eat a diet composed of healing foods, we realize that it is very difficult to do so in our current environment of commercial farming and depleted foods.  This is why we offer whole-food based vitamins and nutritional products from Standard Process. However, there are some cases where, biochemically, a patient's nutritional needs are not easily met with foods alone. This is usually because the energetic components to their nutrition need to be addressed first. Luckily, Chinese herbalists have been addressing these components for thousands of years! By offering the best quality herbal formulas from Evergreen Herbs, we at NIM can put together a nutritional program for our patients that is tailored to their specific energetic and biochemical needs.

Many Foods Are Now Poisons

A hundred years ago the whole concept of people being allergic to natural foods was absurd. Nowadays it is so commonplace that it has become a medically accepted phenomenon. A major reason for this is that the food that we eat today is NOT the same food that our ancestors ate. The crops of 100 years ago were grown on better soil, not exposed to pesticides and chemicals, not genetically engineered, not heat processed (heat processing destroys vital enzymes), not contaminated with preservatives to give it a longer shelf life, and so on. We are eating foods that the human body was not designed to eat. 

Another major reason for developing an allergy to a certain food is that the body is so busy dealing with toxins it already has that it cannot process the food. The body then sees it as harmful and goes into a state of alarm. Ever notice that there are some foods you have difficulty swallowing? Ever notice that there are certain vitamin pills that you have trouble swallowing, even if they are small in size? The reason is that your body, in its innate intelligence, recognizes the substance as an allergen and tries to close up your throat as an allergic response! It is trying to protect you!

Two Aspects of Our Nutritional Healing Programs

For our patients who come to us for nutritional healing, we customize the most effective eating plan for their unique body. This includes identifying any food allergies as well as figuring out what foods are ideal to help them to heal. Do not think of foods as just calorie sources. Each food also has a medicinal property if used correctly. For example, did you know that eating lamb can restore thyroid function?  Or that organic eggs contain every essential vitamin, mineral, and amino acid with the exception of vitamin c?

With our extensive training in dietary healing (from both eastern as well as western schools of thought) we will teach you how to heal yourself using the most basic form of medicine given to us by nature…food. In order to accelerate the healing process for our nutritional healing patients, we use nutritional supplements made only from whole food concentrates.

Standard Process: The Original Whole Food Supplement

At Natural Integrated Medicine we use primarily Standard Process supplements for our nutritional patients. With a history dating back to 1929, Standard Process is the first company to make American grown, organic, whole food supplements designed for nutritional healing.

The use of organic, whole food nutritional supplements is a vital part of the healing process for our patients. By the time most people come to see us, their bodies are already in a weakened and depleted state. The correct application of nutritional supplements gives their bodies the genuine replacement parts that it needs to repair itself.

Dr. Morse's Herbal Formulas and Evergreen Herbs

For our energetic nutritional cases, we use primarily Dr. Morse's Herbal Formulas and Evergreen Herbs. While many other manufacturers make their herbal products according to food production standards, the formulas from these two companies are manufactured with surgical precision in a bio-med laboratory. All of the herbs are tirelessly tested for authenticity, potency, purity, and most importantly, safety. 

The practice of using Chinese and Wildcrafted herbs is very safe when done by a properly trained professional. At NIM, we have been Nationally-licensed and State-licensed to practice Chinese Herbal Medicine safely and effectively. 

Yin Tang Therapeutics: Best of Both Worlds

A unique combination of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Modern Nutritional Therapy, Yin Tang Therapeutics was designed for clinicians, by a clinician. Their products were specifically designed for the busy healthcare practitioner dealing  with the complex and challenging needs of the modern patient. At Natural Integrated Medicine, we have many cases that come to us feeling "stuck" with their previous level of healthcare and more importantly with their progress. We have found Yin Tang Therapeutics formulas massively impactful at helping these difficult cases to finally start moving forward, as they address the body's needs at multiple different levels with multiple different approaches.