Needle-Free Care

Many people who would benefit from traditional acupuncture still continue to suffer because of their fear of needles. This is understandable, as most people's experiences with western medical needles have not been pleasant. Fortunately, we also practice needle-free acupuncture. (To get an idea of the size of a typical needle used in our practice, refer to the close-up of a needle balanced atop a finger in our section on acupuncture)

For the patient who is not comfortable with the idea of needles, we use a combination of acupressure, light-stimulated acupuncture (no needles), and nutritional healing to treat most common complaints.  The acupuncture points are stimulated using painless non-invasive methods to achieve an effect that is often just as powerful as regular acupuncture.  The treatments are completely painless, non-invasive, and most sessions take less than 10 minutes to perform.

This type of treatment is not only ideal for those with a fear of needles, but for children as well. Most children will not tolerate a treatment that involves needles. As the treatments are completely painless and of a short duration, children don't mind at all and are still able to experience the life-changing health benefits of this time-honored natural medicine.

In fact, the most common childhood disorders that respond extremely well to this form of needle-free care include, but are not limited to:       



    -Skin disorders (Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne)


    -Stomach pain

    -Irritable bowel syndrome



    -Enuresis (Bedwetting)

    -Non-healing injuries

    -Learning/Developmental disorders